We can assist with your entire IT strategy, acting as your trusted advisor in this ever-changing industry.

IT Voice provides an array of consulting services. We train each of our Technology Consultants extensively, and approach your business in a collaborative fashion. Our goal is to keep you ahead of the curve, and the competition.


We'll evaluate your business on:

Although you may not consider your technology systems to be ancient, there is still a strong chance that you are using manpower to do things that could be simplified by the proper implementation of a new solution.

We first take a look at your business model and what you are trying to accomplish, and then we approach your technology environment to see if it is facilitating your goals.

With a quick look at your current systems, our experts can determine if you are paying too much for any of your technology services. In many cases, the cost savings gained from our recommendations save more money per month than the monthly payment of a new system. If you need a cost effective IT or voice solution, we will help you get that.

In an emergency situation, how well is your business network prepared to adapt to the situation and maintain services? Our system and entire business model is designed to keep our customers up and running at all times, regardless of the scenario.

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After the needs assessment is complete, we will assist in the production of Request for Information (RFI) and/or Request for Proposal (RFP) documents, lists of suggested vendors, and then assessment of the replies submitted. We also provide a competitor analysis that will assist in the selection of a vendor. If requested, our technicians will also provide consulting services and project management through implementation to ensure that the vendor and client are in agreement on the installation and any change orders needed.

We will review the implementation, approve change orders, and analyze costs and benefits.