Teamwork - Multiple Benefits

by Dan Nerada

Teamwork! I have always supported teamwork. I believe working as a team we can achieve and accomplish many things. Teamwork is an important part of developing specific processes and programs to help your business be more efficient and productive. Following are some of the reasons I feel teamwork is so important in the work environment.

Vision –

Working together as a team, focuses everyone’s attention to one common vision or goal. Individuals can exchange ideas, be creative and increase accountability, within the team.

Accountability –

Having multiple individuals involved in one particular project or task will increase accountability. When one individual may hit a roadblock or can’t see past a specific point, other team members may be able to carry the team and project forward.

Efficiency –

I believe efficiency can be increased, when working as a team. The more individuals involved, the more pieces the project can be broken in to. Specific sections of the project can be assigned to individuals skill level, interest or availability. Breaking a larger project in to more sections and involving more individuals can shorten the length and time needed to complete the overall project.

Ideas –

A lot of time individuals are accustomed to completing things a certain way. You get use to your comfort level and continue to complete tasks in the same manner. Working as a team, you can have an increased exchange of ideas. Other members of the team can present different ways of completing something that you may have not considered. Multiple viewpoints will add to the increased exchange of information, efficiency and excitement to the project’s success.

Enjoyment –

Everyone wants to enjoy their work. If you’re happy at work or performing your job, it will not only make the time go faster and increase your individual enthusiasm, but also increase motivation within the team. If everyone is having fun and getting along, during the project, the level of enjoyment will surely show and motivate the team to want to work together. Teamwork!

Confidence –

Every office or work environment has individuals that excel in specific areas. I myself enjoy the details. I like analyzing and reviewing the exact items. However, speaking in front of the group is definitely out of my comfort level. Working together as a team, members can excel in areas they are better with, but also can be motivated to increase confidence in areas they may have less experience. Using this time or project as a means of training will increase confidence and reassure individuals that they can accomplish many things working together as a team.

Friendships –

Lastly, friendships. A lot of times we get so involved in our daily duties and tasks we forget of the others that work in the company. Working together with others, brings us out of our routine and encourages us to communicate with others. Teamwork can create new friendships and renew old ones.

In conclusion, teamwork, aside from the items I spoke about above, brings staff from various locations and departments, to work and learn together, while benefiting themselves and the company.


Teamwork – benefitting the company and individuals.