Customer Service with S.P.E.E.D

by Dan Nerada

Customer service, this is a term or phase that is kicked around a lot. To many people, it may mean different things, from just getting the job done to being available whenever the need arises. Vala Secure does not take this phase lightly. Vala Secure values every client relationship and works diligently to maintain that trust. This starts not just at the beginning of an engagement, but at the very first contact during the sales process, to the engagement being performed by a highly knowledgeable staff, to the final report being issued at the conclusion of an engagement. Vala Secure’s high level of customer service and ongoing positive experience with the client has led to the creation of the Director of Client Success position. Aside from clients discussing their needs with our team, at various times, the Director of Client Success is always available to ensure everyone has received the high level of service and assistance they deserve.

I recently had a personal experience that was a complete lack of customer service. After months of planning, hours before the start of a holiday weekend, I received an email stating the service I needed was cancelled. I responded back immediately, but no response. I made several telephone calls, but all went to voicemail. Needless to say, this lack of customer service changed my entire plans for the holiday weekend and ended up costing additional funds elsewhere, for only limited services. Now, weeks later and after numerous attempts to obtain an explanation from the company in question, there has still been no response. This experience has been very troubling. At this point, regardless of any explanation, this is not a company I’d place my business with again or trust with my family. Treating a customer or client in this manner is unacceptable.

Vala Secure recognizes the need for excellent customer service. Every contact we have with a client is worth 100% of our attention. This is why Vala Secure developed the acronym S.P.E.E.D., Serve, Perform, Educate, Energize, Delight. This acronym explains our values and what we strive to achieve with every client contact we have. Additionally, as previously stated, we have the position, Director of Client Success, to review and stay in contact with our clients, to ensure we are performing to our values. If there is ever a time we’re not, we’d like to know and the Director of Client Success or any member of our Leadership is available to address your concern. Your satisfaction is our overall goal. Your experience with Vala Secure is continually reviewed and shared with our entire team, to ensure we are meeting our values and maintaining our client relationship at the highest level.


Excellent customer service is vital to any company and Vala Secure strives to provide the attentive, professional, timely responses you deserve with our “client-first” attitude.


Serve, Perform, Educate, Energize, Delight