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Safeguard Your Data: The Secret to Business Resilience

June 19

Welcome to Technology Simplified, Tech Talk Everyone Can Understand. In this episode, we’re exploring the vital topic data protection, disaster recovery, and business continuity. Join us as we delve into the significance of safeguarding your data and ensuring the uninterrupted operation of your business. 


Role Playing for Insights 

In this episode, our host Will Slappey steps into the shoes of a CEO of a local architectural firm, while the VCIO, Scott Curtis, leads the discussion on the potential impacts of data loss and downtime. Through this role-playing exercise, listeners gain invaluable insights into the considerations and challenges business owners face in protecting their data and maintaining business continuity. 

Understanding the Risks 

The conversation delves deep into the potential risks and repercussions of data loss for the architectural firm, shedding light on the financial implications, productivity losses, and emotional toll on the business and its stakeholders. 

Data Protection Solutions 

The VCIO offers expert advice on various data protection options, including on-site backups, cloud solutions, and disaster recovery plans. The discussion underscores the importance of a comprehensive data protection strategy to mitigate risks and ensure the seamless continuation of business operations. 

Cloud Applications and Office 365 

We also touch on the critical need to safeguard cloud applications and Office 365 data, emphasizing backup plans and disaster recovery measures to protect essential business information stored on these platforms. 

Assessing Risk Tolerance 

As the conversation evolves, the VCIO introduces the concept of risk tolerance, guiding businesses to assess their risk levels concerning data protection. Understanding risk tolerance enables businesses to make informed decisions about the level of protection required and the necessary investment to effectively safeguard their data. 


This conversation offers valuable insights into the challenges and considerations of protecting data and ensuring business continuity. By comprehending potential risks and available solutions, businesses can make informed decisions to protect their data and minimize the impact of data loss on their operations. 

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Remember, safeguarding your data is crucial for the success and continuity of your business operations. Take the necessary steps to protect your data and ensure the resilience of your business against potential challenges. 

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