Reporting and Going Digital

by Brad Garland

Every Friday this month our team has been getting together for what we've dubbed the 'October meetings' to discuss a range of different topics from process improvement to new businesses to tap into for 2013. One of the discussion topics that came up was 'Reporting: Today and for the Future' where we discussed the very fundamentals of the information we provide to our clients. One of the questions we asked ourselves - "Is our Reporting delivered in the most effective and high impact way?". We all agreed the most important point to focus on is making sure the client can get the information when and how they want. So our first step in these reporting improvements is to move to distributing our reports entirely digitally.

Here's the reasons why we're doing it:

  • Instant delivery to the client
  • Information is immediately indexable & searchable
  • Allows us to produce reports more real-time for clients
  • Saves over 18,000+ of paper + countless ink catridges

This is just the tip of the iceberg on the improvements we have for our reporting. Our vision for what we do for our clients is to be more interactive, impactful, and real-time in this ever evolving regulatory world. More to come in 2013, stay tuned!