New Website Domain Name Could Improve Network Security Systems for Banks

by Brad Garland

Pressures upon financial services organizations a

re rising today more than ever. Customer loyalty is more important to banks now than in the past, but with growing concerns over information security measures, it’s getting harder and harder to keep customers happy. Many banks are placing a lot of emphasis on modernizing their systems by updating how they utilize technology in big ways. One popular method involves changing their website domain name in order to make their sites more security systems


Extra Security Through Domain Name Switch

The risks of downtime and malicious attacks are typically much higher in the financial services industry than in others, and so banks must be constantly vigilant for any new, existing, or upcoming security threats. The .BANK was introduced to help fight online scams and hacking. It’s available only to the banking community, and allows banks to change their domain name from to

Half of all Internet users receive one phishing email every day, and their bank account information is generally at the heart of these online scams. We need a solution for this problem, and using a .BANK domain is an important way to deliver a more secure internet experience. With so many domain endings available around the world, a .BANK domain can make it much easier for a customer to trust his or her banking information to be safe online.


Barclays Bank Domain Change

Barclays Bank is one of the largest banks to have recently made the shift from and to .barclays and .barclaycard. The bank will be able to set up websites using these addresses, thereby making it clear to the user that he or she is engaging with a genuine Barclay's site, and not a scamming or a phishing site.


Protecting Your Customers

It’s crucial to do as much as you can to make sure you protect your customers’ finances and their personal information in order to keep them safe, loyal and happy. This can certainly begin with considering a domain name change – which might be a new standard in the banking industry within the next year. But banks also have to be sure they are fulfilling enhanced security requirements, such as enabling DNSSEC on the new websites, publishing valid email authentication records, deploying enhanced encryption standards and more. Embracing these new improvements in network security is sure to help improve the customer experience and make a website more trusted, protected and secure. 

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