Millennials & Their Data Security Habits

by Brad Garland


I read this article 'Do Millennials Believe in Data Security?' from Harvard Business Review ( and found it to be a really interesting read. Much has been said on the impatience of Millennials and the way they handle their data securely is no different. In short, when it comes to 'getting the job done' versus 'doing it securely' they choose convenience over compliance.

What is even more interesting is the Millennials are the most knowledgeable on the subject of security. They know the risks but who can blame them?

They give out their Social Security number to every administrator at school, all their online transactions are immediately refunded if their card is hacked, and they understand that it's not 'if' but 'when' they are going to get their identities stolen. It's a race they know they can't win so shortcuts are taken to make their lives easier. Today this might only just impact them, but what about when they have a team to manage as well?

Think about this. The oldest Millennials are coming into a place of managerial prominence in business, having direct reports, and even making organizational decisions. How could this mentality effect businesses as a whole? What can security companies do to make things more automatic so to be convenient AND compliant? Can it ever be done?