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IT Managed Services Providers: Your 7 Questions Answered

January 06

Benefits of Hiring an IT MSP You May Not Have Considered 


What types of services are included with IT managed services? 

IT managed services providers (MSP) offer a variety of IT services, and offerings may vary from MSP to MSP. IT Voice offers technology procurement, IT support, email hosting, storage, backup and recovery, cybersecurity incident response, and network monitoring. See our website for a more complete list.  


Can IT managed services save me money on IT overall? 

Yes. Because we make purchases for all our clients, our vendor volume pricing tends to be lower than you would pay when buying for your organization alone. 

Also, working with a managed services provider gives you access to experts in various IT functions. You won’t have to hire and recruit experts, and you can have the expertise you need for each project. Paying a monthly fee for IT managed services is also more budget-friendly than paying on the spot for unforeseen costs. 

We also use innovative tools that generate proven productivity improvements and mitigate risks like network failure, downtime, and data loss. 


If I hire a managed services provider, will I need IT staff? 

It’s a misconception that managed service providers are simplyoutsourced” tech help priced to displace your in-house IT technician or team. IT Voice working alongside your IT employees is a powerful combination that can have many advantages. Your IT team is freed to work on the projects you prioritize. Your entire IT infrastructure benefits from both our expertise and advanced tools. We can proactively locate and eliminate threats before a bigger problem arises while helping you increase productivity at the same time. 

Our level of engagement with your organization depends on your goals and needs. A small business might hire us instead of investing in IT staff and find working with an MSP is more cost-effective than hiring staff. As your organization grows, it may make sense to hire some IT employees for specific functions. We can even help you find qualified staff. 

If you choose to use IT Voice to handle your help desk or patches, for instance, you can redeploy your employees to focus on core projects and strategic initiatives.  

Don’t just take our word for it. According to Comptia 

“More than half (53%) of companies that are using managed services today said they have kept their internal IT headcounts exactly the same as they were before onboarding their MSP. Another 15% of companies simply had no internal IT staff to begin with so using an MSP was simply a way to bring professional technology expertise into the operation. A quarter made some reductions to head count internally, but only 6% actually eliminated their in-house staffing as a result of adopting managed services.”  

Will you share my company information with other organizations? 

IT Voice doesn’t share any customer information with other customers. We are happy to work under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) you may have in place. Also, we maintain strict cybersecurity standards in accordance with NIST. If we work with other organizations in your industry, we can provide information about general best practices and compliance standards, but we don’t share specific customer information. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. We regularly advise hospitals, clinics, medical offices, billing offices, and archiving departments with stringent regulatory requirements and enforcement.  


How do you keep up to date with technology? 

IT Voice has a depth of experience you can only acquire through working with a variety of organizations and industries on IT projects of all sorts. Our employees maintain all required certifications, including being a Certified Microsoft Partner.  

Experienced MSPs like IT Voice also have access to state-of-the-art tools that automate many routine in-house labor-intensive processes. As you know, labor is one of the most expensive operating expenses within your company’s budget. 


If I were to start with one service through an MSP, which do you recommend? 

Since every business’ goals and needs are different, we would need to consult with you to determine the best place to start. Some organizations want us to analyze their networks and recommend upgrades. Other businesses want to ensure that their computers and antivirus software are up to date. Others would like us to provide help desk support for all devices.  


How do you prioritize my business with your other clients? 

You will only have to call one number to get a service technician dispatched to your location(s). Technicians are on call 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week, for any assistance you need regarding outages, programming, and moves, adds, and changes. 

You’ll have full access to our help desk for any assistance needed with your system. If we can't handle the problem remotely, our qualified technicians will visit your location as follows:  

  • Within 1 hour for major outages-normal hours 
  • Within 24 hours for minor outages or problems 
  • Within 48 hours for minor programming changes

Additional Benefits of Working with IT Voice 

Our digital world requires agility. However, when systems don’t work as expected, you don’t have to guess whether it’s an IT or communications issue. Just call us.  

You have one vendor relationship and one invoice for all IT Voice services.  

You don’t have to start from scratch with a new vendor for IT. We’re here for you.  

Best of all, you can focus on growing your business and people and leave the technology—both information and voice—to us.    

Contact us today to get started.