How to Retain Your Information Security Team

by Brad Garland
Acquiring talented IT security professionals is a big task for any organization, especially considering the rapidly growing skill and generation gap in cybersecurity. In fact, the only thing that’s more difficult than acquiring highly skilled employees is figuring out how to retain them once they’re hired. This is particularly true given the highly competitive nature of the IT security industry, which means there are always other opportunities for growth and even offers for higher compensation waiting in the wings.information security team

For that reason, your biggest “selling point” to your organization’s own employees is finding a way to offer all of those benefits to them in-house. Along with competitive compensation, your company also needs to provide a stimulating and productive work environment, and plenty of opportunities for your IT professionals to learn new skills and work on challenging new goals.

Here’s how you can accomplish just that.

Outsource When Appropriate

One of the best ways to improve the “quality of life” at your workplace is to outsource the type of repetitive, mundane tasks that can become a drag on a highly skilled IT professional’s day. Routine tasks like penetration tests and vulnerability assessments can be entrusted to qualified third parties like Garland Heart, and vendor management companies can handle much of the “housekeeping” required by an office environment. Saving the challenging, stimulating work for your employees ensures they’ll appreciate their position more.

Location, Location

When it comes to retaining talent, your office location is an important tool. Organizations that maintain offices outside major cities have higher retention rates due to lower local competition. Similarly, locating your office near a university ensures a steady pool of young and eager new applicants.

Whether it’s cyber security consulting or simple network administration, you should seek to find the locational sweet spot that ensures you can find and retain the best employees.

Culture and Training

Maintaining an engaging company culture is critical for boosting your retention rates. For the best success, start from the bottom up by making sure that each individual team develops its own culture of growth and engagement, as well. 

Offering training programs is a great way to establish a vibrant company culture, and paying for your employee’s expenses for security certifications and other programs sends the message that you’re invested in their personal professional development. Don't forget that the culture needs to be supported from the top down.

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