How to Outsmart a Hacker

by Brad Garland

Every time new IT security solutions are devised, hackers find new ways to break into systems. Traditional cryptographic and protocol approaches to security are no longer providing companies with sufficient protection. This is evident in the frequency of recent data breaches. It is also clear that consumers are routinely given a lot of outdated and inadequate advice. 

Although it's true that long and unique passwords can provide a certain amount of protection, as can updating your local software and installing secure firewalls and anti virus programs, there is still much more you can do to fend off hackers.original


Always Assume You Are Vulnerable

Assuming you are vulnerable to hackers keeps you on your toes. Companies can’t realistically prevent every employee from clicking on email attachments or opening legitimate looking files sent with the intention of phishing. Without this type of control, companies have to assume a certain amount of vulnerability. This doesn't mean your system can or will be hacked, but you should take an active role in keeping your data as safe as possible. 


Don't Focus on Secrecy

Don’t put all of your focus on keeping your data secret. Even tightly guarded secrets are hard to keep. It is much safer to make the stolen information useless to the hacker. By using codes or double encryptions, it's harder to abuse the information collected. When you focus more on making the information difficult to misuse instead of keeping it secret, it won't matter who has access to your data.

Keep in mind that at some point the human element could take over. This could be an innocent mistake or a misunderstanding, but it could happen. Be prepared for this situation by continually training and educating your staff on company IT policies and security protocol. Every person in your organization needs to play their part in ensuring the security of company data.


Use Advanced Security Methods

Advanced security methods can be surprisingly simple to implement, but if you have any trouble putting these methods in place, get help. The team of experts at information security companies can train you and your employees to implement advanced security methods, or install them for you.

Although all of your confidential data is important, the most sensitive information and programs should always use dual-factor authentication methods. Also, look at how software accounts and employee accounts are linked. Consider having a penetration test or a vulnerability assessment to ensure some savvy hacker isn't able to use unidentified vulnerabilities within your external and/or internal network as a back door exploit to your data.


Most importantly, train employees, clients, and customers in understanding what sensitive or important information is. That way they have a better understanding of what not to disclose. Please feel free to contact us for more information about how to outsmart a hacker and stay secure! Also, check out our free webinar on how to protect your company against social engineering!