How CISOs Can Improve the Cybersecurity Landscape

by Brad Garland

In larger environments, it is not uncommon to have both a CIO/CTO and CISO (Chief Information Security Officer). The CTO/CIO is usually held accountable for the development and implementation of the IT strategy to support the institution's business strategy in line with its risk appetite. A CISO is typically responsible for overseeing and reporting on the management and mitigation of information security risks across the institution and is held accountable for the results of this oversight and reporting.cyber security consultant

Prevent the Spread of Malware

Do you remember the Target data breach? This breach swept through the Target database and caused a widespread attack on the entire company’s IT infrastructure. It ultimately led to the firing of both the company’s CEO and the CIO, but perhaps with a proper internal security instruction this tragedy could have been avoided. The problem is that once an online network has been infiltrated by malware, it will quickly migrate to other areas. This migration will continue until the entire IT infrastructure supply chain is infected.

Companies that take a holistic mentality towards their cybersecurity tactics can reduce the spread of this type of threat. For example, an active CISO who maintains a company-wide position can create cybersecurity strategies that protect the company’s network at all levels. It also gives the CISO the ability to detect a breach at the early stages and stop the attack before it has the opportunity to migrate to other network levels. A cyber security consultant can help you create a strategy to avoid these dangerous types of attacks.

Create a New Level of Digital Safety

Most companies put a lot of time and resources into improving access and efficiency to their goods and service. However, these same companies fail to place the same importance to their cybersecurity planning. This is a crucial mistake since, now more than ever, customers want to feel secure when utilizing your online services. The first step is to make cybersecurity a main operational risk management priority that receives the time and resources it deserves. Secondly, your company should take steps to expand your CISO’s authority. This new approach may include things like improved training and analysis of investment strategies involving any aspects of IT. An experienced network security specialist can help you take these necessary steps to improve your level of digital safety.

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