Happy Clients

by Dan Nerada

Successful Client Experience

Happy Clients

In today’s world, with less physical client contact, fewer in person meetings and more remote work environments, happy clients are extremely important. Ensuring the client experience is successful and the client receives their desired outcome needs to be verified.

Why is Client Success Important

Every client wants to feel they achieved all that was expected out of any work performed on their behalf. At Vala Secure, being proactive in meeting our clients’ needs is of the upmost importance. Not only do we contact clients before all engagements to verify the scope of work and efficiently plan the project, but we also continue that same level of attention throughout the entire project. Without happy, satisfied clients, we would fall short of the ultimate client experience we like to relay.

Client success is important because it will lead to successful client relationships and future relationships. When clients are happy, they will talk about it. They’ll recommend our company and services to others. Additionally, happy clients will seek out additional services and even renew their agreement at expiration. This level of client success and positive feedback will continue to help Vala Secure grow in meeting the needs of our clients.

Measuring Client Success

Vala Secure is committed to client success. Over the past year, an entire staff position has been created and devoted to ensuring client success. The goal of the client success director is to ensure clients have received the desired result from their engagement. We want to know; did we do everything expected and more or did we fail in some areas? It is with this constant client communication Vala Secure will correct any short comings and continue to form a strong client base.

Client success is also shared with our staff. We want to share in the victories with our staff, but also want to learn from the shortcomings.

As with any business relationship, client feedback is key. Vala Secure welcomes the comments and communications received from all clients. It’s through this feedback and loyalty, we will continue to make every client encounter exceptional. Vala Secure will settle for nothing less.

In Conclusion

Client success - happy clients, is obtained through an ongoing area of communication. Vala Secure wants to be proactive to the needs of our clients, while continuing to grow and expand our client relationships. While Vala Secure has devoted an entire position to client success, everyone at Vala Secure works to ensure all client interactions and communications are successful to the client. It is through this positive engagement, Vala Secure will continue to ensure our clients are of the utmost importance.