Is the Firewall Becoming Irrelevant? Here’s How to Move Forward

by Brad Garland

Firewalls were created to protect and secure company data. Unfortunately, firewalls protect only company data well when it is kept within the confines of company networks. Today’s business data is rarely confined to the perimeters of a corporate network but is shared and transmitted widely through the cloud, presenting the firewall with some big security network security


Keep Up With the Cloud

The massive popularity of cloud computing is one of the biggest issues for the firewall. The use of cloud-sharing applications and syncing devices leads to company data being scattered in multiple places. It is difficult to ensure that added security measures are put in place, and the network firewall goes unused because it is impossible to track its efficacy. The use of the cloud is not likely to diminish because employees are increasingly doing their jobs quickly and conveniently through sharing programs like Dropbox and Google Drive.


Even Advanced Firewall Systems Are Not Advanced Enough

The newest firewalls might be helpful in preventing certain devices from accessing certain applications in the cloud and keeping well-known bugs at bay. This is a good start, but most employees can still access these applications by using their own devices. This exposes the apps to security breaches even when an advanced firewall is in place. It is important to find a security solution that works with the cloud, not against it or in spite of it.


Keep It as Simple as Possible

If a security solution is too clunky or inhibits the productivity and accessibility of the cloud — the reasons why we all love it — people will find a way around it. Frequent changing of passwords and other security measures are important, but you should not encumber an efficient system with a security measure that decreases productivity. Instead, enable application use that protects sensitive data while keeping processes simple and effective.


Control the Flow of Data

Firewalls tend to interrupt the flow of data rather than smooth it out. Having a security measure that encrypts from start to finish on all devices helps to prevent gaps in compliance that can be an issue with remote work in the cloud. You should be able to block access to certain data when you need to and prevent access to encrypted files when necessary in order to maintain a high level of security.


Companies that are still using the firewall as one of the primary lines of defense are experiencing security threats more than those that have adopted other information layered security measures. Contact us for security consulting in the formal software selection process to ensure that your company maintains a high degree of protection against security threats.