Are Smartwatches the Next Target for CyberAttacks?

by Brad Garland

The future of cyber security is almost never clear. New devices are popping up all the time, and making informed decisions on device security can be tricky. However, where smartwatches are concerned, the decision might not be so difficult for you and your business.cyber security consulting


Studied Vulnerabilities of the Wearable Device

A recent study on smartwatches by HP Fortify revealed that smartwatches, another device in the burgeoning Internet of Things, are actually a wide open book in terms of safety, security and confidentiality. Among 10 tested smartwatches, 100 percent had at least one major vulnerability, and there were outstanding categorical vulnerabilities across all 10. One category even hit the 70th percentile, meaning that 7 of the 10 tested watches possessed that security hole.


Business Problems With Vulnerable Wearables

With the advent of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy in the business world, user-end device security has become a more focused area of concern. Small business cyber security experts in and out of companies spend a lot of time refining policies and procedures where personal devices are concerned. It's much more difficult to monitor personal activities related to business as opposed to straightforward business activities. This is especially true for cybersecurity in the health care sector, since many wearables monitor personal health information, and keeping this information safe and secure is important.

The vulnerabilities found in smartwatches present a problem because these are wearable devices, which are small and easy to miss. If employees fail to report their personal devices to the proper parties, and are using these devices to access business resources and perform business duties, they could be jeopardizing everyone if their device is not accounted for and secure. You and your employees are encouraged to take initiative where brand new mobile devices are concerned, and constantly be on top of the subject by refining and polishing your cybersecurity policies.


Employee Actions Against Businesses Through Wearables

Corporate espionage could easily leave the realm of fantasy and become a real issue for many businesses with the rise of wearable personal devices. Because these new machines can receive photo and video data, it would be no big challenge to brush your sleeve and poke a button to record sensitive, confidential information for malicious purposes. Taking strides for the improvement of information security policies are an important aspect of your business, and keeping tight lines of communication and collaboration with your techs is a necessity to insure your business's future.

While involving personal devices is definitely a marked step toward better productivity, the movement needs to be carefully monitored. Confer with your inner circle regularly, and discuss the information security policies that are in place at this time, as well as what needs to be implemented sooner rather than later. If you're in need of assistance with your information security policies, contact Vala Secure to set up a consulting session as soon as possible.