A GH Story: Vickery Trading Company

by Brad Garland

This year I set a goal for myself to become a better storyteller. I feel that even though we’ve worked really hard to focus on what our ‘why’ is as a company I haven’t done a good enough job on sharing that message with our ever growing audience. As the one with the name on the banner, it’s my job to continuously communicate and inspire those that come in contact with our company. That is also why storytelling, particularly through the power of video, is so important. So we decided to start highlighting causes, people, and companies that inspire us as well as give a platform to those that may not have the budget to share their message. This began with Vickery Trading Company.

Stephanie Giddens started a non-profit social business less than a year ago called Vickery Trading Company to help refugee women with employment, personal development and to learn sewing skills to create children's clothing. We created a promotional video just for them and wanted to share our experience through this Director Cut to give more background into what we learned about Vickery and how to tell better stories.

You can learn more about Vickery Trading Co. by going to their website and the video we created is posted on their Facebook page.  Please consider a donation and/or a purchase of a dress.

Stay tuned for more stories from us. (We have already started pre-production on our next cause!)

Hope you enjoy. Thanks for watching,

Brad Garland


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