A Rebranded Office 365 (With More Features)

August 18

Microsoft has made some substantial changes recently to its most well-known product stack-Office 365. Sometimes change is a good thing! In this post we will explore some of the improvements and how they can improve your business collaboration, communication and so much more.  

In the last year, the name of Office 365 has been changed, and is now known as Microsoft 365. Why the name change?  

The main reason is that they wanted an opportunity to talk about all the different applications they offer. When people think of Office 365, they think of the core product line-Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. After adding so many applications (such as Teams and SharePoint) to their product stack, Microsoft wanted to show they were a true business collaboration tool; and not JUST those core applications.  


What is Microsoft 365 for business and how is that different from someone who just has an Office download or is using something on a server?  

Microsoft 365 is a subscription-based platform that gives you access to their productivity platform. They want to provide you with the applications you are used to (Word, Outlook, etc.), but also gives you access to other applications like automation and collaboration tools.  

In the small business bundle you will get your standard applications. Your subscription allows you to download a copy on five different devices and you always have the most current version, so you know you are working with the latest and greatest. You also get access to 1 TB of storage space. There are different collaboration tools you can use. It can serve as your full email server and features robust security tools as well.  


Of the newest apps that are available what is your favorite, or the ones you see clients using most often? 

Teams is going to be the most advanced application we have seen in the last couple of years. With remote work becoming the norm, Teams allows users to improve productivity and collaboration. You can really bring a group of people together with ease using Teams. It allows you to post messages, share screens, make video calls, have virtual meetings and so much more.  


Is Microsoft 365 Secure?  

Microsoft has high end security suites available. Microsoft is used by the sectors of the Department of Defense (DOD) and Government Community Cloud (GCC). The highest point of government secrecy will leverage Microsoft 365. If it is configured correctly, it can be the most secure environment for your data. 

Products available through Microsoft 365 

Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, Skype for Business, Access) 

Exchange Online (email, calendar, tasks) 

SharePoint Online (web portal for collaboration) 

Yammer (enterprise social networking) 

OneDrive for Business (cloud file storage) 

Planner (project management) 

Power BI (business intelligence) 

Delve (social document discovery) 

Video (a private video library) 

Sway (a tool for creating reports, presentations, and newsletters) 

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If you have questions about any of these features, or how to implement them, please contact us. We would love to chat with you about the possibilities!