A Better Brand, but the same H.E.A.R.T.

by Brad Garland

Today we are thrilled to announce something that has been in the making for over a year. We have made some changes to our corporate structure. Garland Group and RiskKey are sister companies to one another but owned by the same parent company - Garland Heart. We did this for a number of different positive reasons (liability, risk, growth) but one of our biggest struggles of this change was keeping up with all the branding/marketing challenges of these separate brands and those brands taking away from the larger purpose of entire enterprise - to find ways to positively impact people's lives. So today I'm happy to announce that we are unifying our brand while also bringing our core purpose back to light. Effective immediately, Garland Group and RiskKey will be underneath the Garland Heart brand as 'Info Security' and 'Virtual Compliance' companies.

Said more simply:

GH Branding.002

GH Branding.003

These companies will continue to offer the same great products and services our clients love, just with a better positioned purpose and brand. Info Security will continue to provide high value technology compliance and security services. Virtual Compliance will offer outsourced compliance services and compliance management software called 'Auditor' (formerly known as RiskKey).

In addition, we are adding another company to the fold created to assist institutions in contract negotiation of critical vendors such as core processors or any of the other major vendor selection due diligence. This company will be called Garland Heart Strategic Consulting.

Q: What does Garland Heart mean?

The 'H.E.A.R.T.' is actually a set of initiatives that we feel encompasses our passions/values/beliefs and can be supported for the next 100 years.

H - Heath & Wellness

E - Education

A - The Arts

R - Responsibility by Faith

T - Technology

These H.E.A.R.T. initiatives set the direction for what areas we can impact around the world.

Q: Talk to me more about Impact?

The way we look at impacting people's lives is in three main ways:

1) Impacting our employees - Creating a work culture that is fulfilling while creating opportunities for work mastery and autonomy.

2) Impacting our clients - Providing software and services that have high value and delight the customer.

3) Impacting our world - Making our little mark on the world through giving, sharing, and our works.

Q: Inspiration for the name change?

We looked a variety of big brands like Virgin and how they emcompassed the primary brand (Virgin) into their other businesses (Airlines, Mobile, Records) and took their lead. Our overall intent was to simplify the branding/marketing and we wanted to put forth the idea of using our businesses to impact lives across everything we do.


We're very excited about infusing the idea of impact in all that we do and would love to hear your thoughts on the change. We are also announcing a brand new website to boot so come by to check out our new home.

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