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November 28

Good customer service pays off. Can you remember the last good customer service experience? What made it good? We love the Starbucks example on good customer service. If we could model this behavior for how we interact with potential customers, it could radically impact our ability to perform.

When you walk into a Starbucks, you walk-in and the store is streaming seasonal music. Interested in knowing the song? You can simply open the Starbucks app and add that song to one of your personal playlists. Nice! Then when you actually order your coffee, you can customize it to your liking. If you’re into vanilla almond milk lattes, then you’re in luck! And when you complete your order, they transform the experience from customer to client. They ask your name. How do you feel after that experience? If you’re like us, pretty satisfied. But they don’t stop there… You are rewarded with their star system and you’re one star closer to getting a free drink. Once they call for your drink, you see your personal cup of coffee. It has your favorite ingredients, your name on the cup, and your own creamer-shaped-heart to top it off. Starbucks has totally transformed the coffee industry and consistently creates Raving Fans.

But what about the bad experiences? Maybe you can’t recall one, or maybe you’ve never forgotten them. You can invest a lot of time in making your customer service experience remarkable, but people are 2x more likely to share a bad experience than a good experience.

To help improve customer service satisfaction, we’ve created a Communication Diagnostic for you to complete. It’s 10 questions asking about your communication strategy, both internally or externally. At the end of the diagnostic, we will email your score and give praise for what you’re doing well, but also offer feedback on areas of improvement. Complete our Communication Diagnostic and receive your Communication Effectiveness Score!