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March 10

When it comes to converting to a virtual phone system many of the changes come in unexpected place. Most likely, many features of the new system will remain the same for your users on the ground level, but additional features will open up. Here's what you should be expecting when you make the move.

User Experience
It's important to understand that a virtual phone system is one where your software resides on a server rather than on your local computer. In many cases, the software used for managing your phones in a virtual system is actually identical to the software you were using before, or is only slightly different. This is a good thing for your employees who are used to working in the system day in and day out. They may not even see a big difference in the commands that they use most often, and the transition requires little additional training.

Added Features

Despite the fact that the user experience for the virtual phone system is very similar to your old system, you will have a whole new suite of options available to you. This includes more call routing, data analysis and virtual support features. These are the value added features that create a better experience for your customers.

Change in Responsibilities

If there is any one difference that will impact your employees drastically, it is the shift in responsibilities and expertise that may be needed to handle your online support systems. Now that you have email and chat-based support easily available to your customers, you need to know that your existing employees are able to transition between those types of contact and phone contact easily. Alternatively, you need to have a separate team of individuals who answer online queries full time. Depending on your setup, the crossover between phone and data is usually the only area that really changes for your long-time phone system users. You will also likely need to spend a little bit of time training and working your way up to speed with the online systems.

Realistically, your virtual phone system will use much of your existing phone system and make improvements by opening up new areas of customer service. For phone system employees who have been around for a while, little will likely change in their day-to-day operations. However, management of the phone system will be enhanced, and the addition of online support will be the biggest difference as far as personnel is concerned.