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February 21

For Alabama businesses, the decision to upgrade communications systems can be colored by a number of challenges. Like anywhere else, quality and accessibility of services can vary greatly between large cities and rural areas. In addition, special consideration must be given to user friendliness and implementation processes. Here are a few of the most common challenges that Alabama business owners face when it comes to business telecommunication decisions.

Accessibility of Service

Probably the biggest challenge faced by companies throughout Alabama is the difference in the types of services available by location and the price of those services. Many of us take for granted the idea that high-speed Internet is available in the city while fewer options are available in rural areas. However, many areas in the city are only serviced by a single Internet or phone service provider, which means you may be paying more for that service than you would in a more competitive neighborhood, and you may not be able to get the type of service you want. For instance, large portions of major cities still lack support for fiber optics, and may only have one broadband provider available.

Quality of Service

The next challenge for business telecommunication in Alabama is the quality of service you are getting from your telecom company. Much of Alabama still operates on a strict Monday through Friday 9-5 schedule and has yet to catch up to the 24/7 business model that the Internet has brought us. As a result, if you are having phone troubles after hours, you need to know how much it will cost you to get a service tech out to fix the problem and how long it will take. In some cases you can expect to wait several days before they can get to you. Before you sign a contract with a telecom provider, make sure you ask about their service policy and weigh your risks appropriately.

Cultural Difficulties

Alabama is one place in the country that is home to an aging working population, who may or may not have kept up with the major changes in technology of the last few years. If your company employs a wide range of employees from across different demographics, you will need to mix and match business telecommunications products with the employees who will use them most effectively. Your older employees may prefer email-based solutions and simple phones while your younger and more tech savvy employees can make good use of chat-based systems and other advanced options. If you are shifting to more advanced technologies for all employees, you need to know whether or not your telecom provider offers training and support to get everyone on the same page before the new system goes live.

Companies throughout Alabama have already had success upgrading their business telecommunication systems in a wide variety of industries. However, you must take great care to make sure that you are getting the best service available for your money. Even if you face hurdles with the type and price of service available in your area, there are options available that can save you money and improve reliability. You will also need to plan your business communications investment to meet the technical needs and expectations of your team members to avoid confusion during implementation.