1 Nite 2 Unite

by Brad Garland


Moreno Valley is located in northern New Mexico near the towns of Angel Fire and Eagle Nest. For many years, the local churches met the needs of their own congregations but never really communicated with each other, nor worked together in outreach/mission projects with the exception of the ALMS program. Backed by the Wheeler Peak Cowboy Fellowship, my husband Henry and I decided to take a step out in faith and create an event called "1 Nite 2 Unite" where the churches come together and unite in a night of Christian worship and fellowship. After being inspired by a similar joint concert two years ago in Wylie, Texas, they decided to try and bring local Moreno Valley churches together in unity and love.

Ultimately, seven different churches and Christian groups took part in a concert that was held at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Amphitheater just out of Angel Fire. The concert was free to all that attended, and were even served a free meal prior to the concert. It was estimated that almost 500 people attended the concert, and even as the weather started to change once the music started, very few left. Henry felt that as he was putting up tarps to cover the band's equipment in case of rain, that he was being told by God to trust Him and step out in faith--- a tarp wasn't needed! As wind gusts picked up, and the main tarp's ropes broke, he decided to cut it down. Five minutes later, the winds calmed, the clouds parted, and the sun came out! Truly a moment of faith and joy! Volunteers were led by leadership teams to help with parking, food service, equipment set up, clean up, handing out programs, etc. and prayer requests and love offerings towards next year's program were taken.


It was the first of what we hope will be an annual event, and a first step in bringing the churches and other Christian groups together to act as ONE IN THE BODY OF CHRIST and ONE NATION UNDER GOD....those were our goals in creating this event.

Henry and I have joined together in making this a personal mission with the backing of Garland Heart. By making this a priority and encouraging each team member of Garland Heart to have a personal mission that makes a difference in this world, the company's initiatives were focused on in many areas. Bringing people together in unity and love, with like minds, was key in this event. Looking forward to next year's event already!!!