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At IT Voice we focus on core advanced enterprise technologies; Data Center, Cloud, Collaboration, Security, Wireless and Route/Switch. We understand that to become a leader, businesses need to have a partner that will develop a scalable, reliable solution and implement it to allow your organization to thrive.  

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Infrastructure that Drives Business Operations Forward

In today’s digital and cloud-based world, your business performs only as well as your IT infrastructure. Many organizations focus on scaling all aspects of their IT operations. No business can afford to sit still, especially in today’s environment. To overcome challenges, increase agility, and become more competitive, organizations must work to upgrade and modernize their infrastructure and boost capabilities.  


IT Voice is focused on helping our clients get to this agile state. We specialize in providing scalable solutions that grow as your business does. With an eye towards future growth, and a deep knowledge of all the technologies available, we can make the most of your IT budget while modernizing your infrastructure. 

ERP Consulting

IT Voice has experts ready to assist with the transition from your legacy system to a new and innovative solution. Our Consultants will work to understand your business requirements and assess your long term needs as well.

Co-Managed IT

Let the IT Voice Professionals become a powerful tool in your business arsenal.  Don't let a lack of internal resources keep you from reaching your goals.  We can partner with your in-house IT Department to help your staff do what they do best. 

Business Continuity

Downtime is unacceptable.  Some threats, like cyber attacks and extreme weather only seem to be getting more common. Our Technology Consultants can help you decide which pieces of your business are mission critical, and put failover mechanisms in place; saving you time, money, and reputation. 

 IT Voice Infrastructure Procurement 

Every business and organization is different. We consider your company/organizational size, industry, unique regulatory and compliance requirements, and other factors. We aim to provide best-in-class management of your IT procurement in a way that fulfills your needs while respecting your budget, to provide the best return on your investment.  

Managed Service Provider-1-1

Core Focus of Enterprise Procurement

All too often, technology purchases are made in the hope that the cost value will be worth the trouble of the organization having to adapt to the equipment. In fact, the reverse is true; the acquired technology should be strategically procured so that it fits in with and supports business goals. 

Forging a close relationship with specific vendors and/or IT providers offer numerous advantages to the IT procurement process. Not only will this result in cost savings by leveraging economies of scale and established logistical practices, but the right provider can also help to resolve adoption issues more efficiently, eliminate rogue buying practices, and create a framework for both parties to improve relationships.  

All asset acquisitions come with an element of inherent risk — and IT is no different. From technology that fails to support the company’s needs to potential financial or compliance issues down the road, a procurement specialist will work with risk mitigation and security in mind. 

Many organizations seek to lower their capital acquisition costs and therefore make purchasing decisions based on short-term needs and upfront price. However, top companies choose to look at total cost of ownership when making acquisitions. Instead of getting quotes from vendors, today’s IT procurement specialists, like those at IT Voice, will identify how much the technology will cost to operate and eventually dispose of; ensuring that the most cost-effective option is selected that will pay dividends over its lifespan. 

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